Note To Visitors

Hello! The Welcoming Gaze is going on hiatus! I am taking a break from writing and posting on The Welcoming Gaze to attend to personal matters *cough getting a fancy piece of paper cough*. The deactivation of posts on this blog is temporary, and the plan is to have The Welcoming Gaze up and running again sometime before or by fall 2018. During this break I will be reflecting on the quotes below and striving to put them into practice so that The Welcoming Gaze that returns in the future is an improved one <3!


“Caring for myself is not self-indulgence,

it is self-preservation, and that is an act of political warfare.”

Audre Lorde


“내가 남성이라고 말하든 여성이라고 말하든 여성과 남성 모두라고 말하든...불이익을 받지 않는 사회가 왔으면 좋겠어요.”

(I hope that a society where I am not discriminated against for whether

I call myself a man, a woman, or both a man and a woman…I hope that such a society will arrive.)

Hangyeol Lee, PD Notebook (“Seongsosuja Ingwon, Najungeun Eoptda,” 2017)


“No person is your friend who demands your silence, or denies your right to grow.”

Alice Walker


“Statistically speaking, I am a unicorn… I do myself a disservice by working against my uniqueness. I do science a disservice by withholding a perspective that may challenge conventional and mainstream research.”

Eric Anthony Grollman


“너 없이도 아름다워 이젠 지겨워 너 같은 건

I’m beautiful without you I’m meaningful without you

난 그래도 아름다워 너에게 사랑 받지 못했어도 난”

Lee Michelle, “Without You”


“I’m rooting for everybody Black.”

Issa Rae


“특별한 기적을 기다리지 마  (Don’t wait for a special miracle)

눈앞에선 우리의 거친 길은 (The rough road in front of us is)

알 수 없는 미래와 벽 (obstacles and a future that can’t be known)

바꾸지 않아 (We won’t change)

포기할 수 없어” (We can’t give up)

Girls' Generation, “Into The New World”


“Acknowledging subjectivity allows researchers to recognize that no one is above bias, and rather than running from our prejudices and partialities, we can confront them head-on… Failing to value and respect the types of data that minoritized scholars are collecting — and the ways we are collecting them — is a form of silencing us…

I write truths that outsiders to my communities do not see…

I write uncomfortable truths...

But still, I write my truth.”

Jackson Wright Shultz